Fun Activities

darla-rddDarla (English Cocker Mix)

All the activities that you schedule for your pampered pet are done on a one-on-one basis with your dog’s playtime buddy.
All playtimes can be arranged at check in or when you call to make your reservation.
Daily fun activities also include:

Woodland Trail Walks

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For the pet who prefers to go for a walk or jog at home, their playtime buddy will take them out on one of our many trails or into our large fields for a walk or run and enjoy the fresh country airPrice $6.00/15 minutes per session


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Your pet’s personal playtime buddy will take your pet off lead into our large fenced in play yard for 20 minutes of fun. Activities include: Chase Balls, Catch Frisbees
Run through the Tunnels Price $4.00/15 minutes per session

Cozy K-9 Cuddle Playroom


Dogs can lay on the couch and get plenty of belly rubs, have their hair brushed, get a massage or just sleep if that is what they want. If you pet prefers they can play with the toys in the toy box. The Cozy K-9 Playroom is great for the first time guest. It lets them bond with the staff without interruptions from the other guests.

Does your pet prefer to lay around on the couch at home? Well, we have the perfect room for them. The Cozy K-9 Playtime room has a couch, TV/VCR, and toy boxes full of all types of toys just for your pet’s enjoyment, or just relax and watch a movie
Price $3.00/15 minutes per session



Splash -n- Play (Summer Only)

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Combination of pool time and playtime. Your dog can splash and chase water toys in our wading pools, and run around the play yard. Price $7.00 per session.

Busy Bones
$4.00 (refills $1.00 ea.)

A natural bone filled with your pets favorite choice of peanut butter or cheese. It will keep them busy for hours trying to get all of the filling out. Perfect for a mid afternoon snack.

Ice Cream Social

Our kennel staff will deliver room service, a delicious Frosty Paws ice cream treat to your dog’s room

Night Time Tuck-In with Snack
Our staff will fluff your pet’s bedding and tuck them in with a night time treat. A perfect ending to a fun filled day that the Inn. Price $2.00 per night