Cat_02-300Felines are pampered in our cattery which feature 27 individual living areas, with 10 accommodation areas having private outdoor patios where your furry friend can site and watch the birds at our feeders and birdbath.

Our indoor only guest accommodations have murals on the walls, toys to play with and can watch the fish in our large aquarium.

The Inn also provides a Cat Tower for our guests to climb, sit and look out the window

Feline Boarding Rate
Indoor or Outdoor Runs:
One Cat $14.00 per day
Two cats boarding together $25.00 per day

Here at Silver Trails we offer three meals a day. But not every pet has the same feeding schedule. Let us know what your dogs schedule is at home and we will feed as close to your schedule as we can.

At Silver Trails we offer Iams products and Blue Seal products. We do recommend bringing food from home if your dog has a special brand, or a special diet, or is on a raw diet. Please have your food from home labeled and in a container.

Medical Care:
We will administer any oral or topical medication that your pet currently receiving, including injection at no extra charge. Please have all medications labeled with your pet’s name and the correct dosage.

cat-greyIf your pet should require medical attention while in our care, it is our procedure to contact your veterinarian. If you pet requires an office visit, we will transport the pet to your veterinarian, if it is located within a reasonable traveling distance. We reserve the right to use our own local veterinarian depending upon the problem.

Upon arrival for your boarding visit, please provide us with an emergency contact number:

  • Cell Phone,
  • Where you can be reached, and
  • A designated person that can be contacted in the event of an emergency