Day Care

Doggie Day Care

Day Care Hours:
7:30 AM – 7:00 PM, Day care is not available on Holiday’s of Thanksgiving, Christmas & Easter.

Day Care Packages:

BASIC DAY CARE Price $12.00 per day
Day care for those who just need a place to “hang out” for the day.
Bathroom Walks & Snack

DELUXE DAY CARE Price $15.00 per day
Day care for the more active dog
Playtime & Snack

SUPREME DAY CARE Price $20.00 per day
Day care for the active dog with some extras added on
Playtime, Snack, Add on a choice of Nature Walk, Cuddletime, and
Summer Only – Splash ‘N’ Play

At Silver Trails we can entertain your dog for the day. There are many reasons to bring your dog to Silver Trails for Day Care. Daycare is a good way for the pet with a lot of energy to get some exercise during the day, or for the pet that has separation anxiety to socialize and not feel alone. Playtime at Silver Trails is done on a one-on-one basis. Silver Trails offers several playtime options for your pet, with their own personal PLAYTIME BUDDY. You can set up a schedule of activities that you would like your pet to enjoy during the day:

PLAYTIME – chase ball, frisbee or running through the tunnel. Playtime is done in a large, fenced in yard where your pet is free to run safely.

TRAIL WALK – your dog will be taken on an enjoyable walk through our fields and trails where they can enjoy the country air and explore nature.

CUDDLETIME – if you dog likes to just “chill out” on the couch at home, we have the perfect spot. Our Cozy K-9 Playroom. Your dog can relax and watch TV, or play with the toys in our toy box. They can get a massage and brushed if they like. If your pet is not allowed on the couch, we will make sure not to teach them any bad tricks, and will sit on the floor and cuddle with your dog.

SPLASH ‘N’ PLAY – Combination of a pooltime and a playtime session. Your dog can splash and chase water toys in our wading pools, and the run around in the play yards.

Benefits of Day Care:

  • A fun filled day of socializing and activities
  • One-on-One attention from a Playtime Buddy
  • Relief for the boredom from staying home alone
  • Peace of mind knowing your dog is enjoying a stimulating day of fun

Day care is also available if you just need to get your pet out of the house if you are having work done, or having company over, or even if you are doing a day trip and need a place for your dog to stay for the day.

Things to Know:

  • Your dog will have their very own indoor / outdoor climate controlled enclosure for resting and naps.
  •  You can bring a blanket or bed from home.
  •  If your dog needs to be fed during the day, please provide the food – unless it is something that we feed.
  • If your dog needs medication during the day, please label and bring it with them.
  • All belongings should be labeled with their name.
  •  Please let us know of any food allergies for treats will be served during day care.
  • You choose the day care package which is right for your dog.